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MOTU Digital Performer(DAW)
Universal Audio(UAD effects)
Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate
Apple OS Mojave
Spectrasonics(Omnisphere, Trillian, RMX, Keyscape)
fxpansion BFD2, Cypher2, Strobe2
iZotope RX7
MOTU Ethno
Synplant by Soniccharge
Soniccharge Microtonic
Audioease Altiverb 7 and Snapper
Roland (Cloud and everything in it...808 pictured)
RealGuitar by Music Lab
Real Strat by Music Lab
MOTU MX4 Synth
Korg(Wavestation, M1)
Roland Cloud
iOS Korg iDS-10
Roland Cloud(pictured Jupiter 8)
iOS Kaossilator
iOS Korg Module
iOS Korg electribe
iOS Korg MS20
iOS Korg M1
Arturia(Analog Lab)
Auria Pro
apps OS and iOS to control Model D, Neutron and DeepMind 12
so much Korg
Crystal soft synth by Green Oak Software
iOS Electric Pianos
Komplete Ultimate 12
Roli Equator and Studio Player Mac OS
Launchpad Novation/Amplify iOS
Audiobus 3 iOS
patterning2 drum machine
Soft synth sound libraries for Spectrasonics and NI Products
iOS apps
iOS apps
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